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Nortel-Magellan-Passport-ExtensionsMIB by vendor Northern Telecom Ltd

Nortel-Magellan-Passport-ExtensionsMIB file content

The SNMP protocol is used to for conveying information and commands between agents and managing entities. SNMP uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) as the transport protocol for passing data between managers and agents. The reasons for using UDP for SNMP are, firstly it has low overheads in comparison to TCP, which uses a 3-way hand shake for connection. Secondly, in congested networks, SNMP over TCP is a bad idea because TCP in order to maintain reliability will flood the network with retransmissions.

Management information (MIB) is represented as a collection of managed objects. These objects together form a virtual information base called MIB. An agent may implement many MIBs, but all agents must implement a particular MIB called MIB-II [16]. This standard defines variables for things such as interface statistics (interface speeds, MTU, octets sent, octets received, etc.) as well as various other things pertaining to the system itself (system location, system contact, etc.). The main goal of MIB-II is to provide general TCP/IP management information.

Use ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 to import vendor-specific MIB files, inclusing Nortel-Magellan-Passport-ExtensionsMIB.

Vendor: Northern Telecom Ltd
Mib: Nortel-Magellan-Passport-ExtensionsMIB  [download]  [view objects]
Tool: ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 [download]    (ships with advanced SNMP/MIB tools)


   FROM RFC-1212

   FROM Nortel-Magellan-Passport-StandardTextualConventionsMIB

      components, passportMIBs
   FROM Nortel-Magellan-Passport-UsefulDefinitionsMIB

   FROM RFC1213-MIB;

-- LAST-UPDATED "9603010000Z"
--         Nortel Magellan Network Management
--         Postal: P.O. Box 5080, Station F
--                 Ottawa, Ontario
--                 Canada  K2C 3T1
--         Email:"
--    "The MIB module describing the Nortel Magellan Passport enterprise 
--    extensions to standard Mibs."

extensionsMIB OBJECT IDENTIFIER  ::= { passportMIBs 5 }

extensions OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { components 4 }

extensionIfTable    OBJECT-TYPE
   SYNTAX     SEQUENCE OF ExtensionIfEntry
   ACCESS     not-accessible
   STATUS     mandatory
      "A table which provides enterprise extensions to the standard 
   ::= { extensions 1 }

extensionIfEntry     OBJECT-TYPE
   SYNTAX      ExtensionIfEntry 
   ACCESS      not-accessible
   STATUS     mandatory
      " An entry containing enterprise extensions to the standard
   INDEX  { ifIndex }
   ::= {extensionIfTable 1}

 ExtensionIfEntry ::=
       ifRowPointer    RowPointer

 ifRowPointer    OBJECT-TYPE
    SYNTAX       RowPointer
    ACCESS       read-only 
    STATUS       mandatory
       "A pointer to the RowStatus variable for the component 
        represented by the ifTable entry."
    ::= { extensionIfEntry 1 }

-- Version and Compliance statements
-- Object-Group Statement:
-- OBJECTS   { ifRowPointer }
-- STATUS     current
--       "A list of all current accessible leaf objects."

extensionsGroup OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { extensionsMIB 1 }
extensionsGroupBC OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { extensionsGroup 3 }
extensionsGroupBC02 OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { extensionsGroupBC 2 }
extensionsGroupBC02A OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { extensionsGroupBC02 2 }

-- Agent-Capabilities Statement:
-- PRODUCT-RELEASE "Passport Release 3.2 Standard MIB Extensions."
-- STATUS          current
--    "Standard MIB Extensions: MIB Version BC02A."
-- SUPPORTS        Nortel-Magellan-Passport-ExtensionsMIB
-- INCLUDES        { extensionsGroupBC02A }

extensionsCapabilities OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { extensionsMIB 3 }
extensionsCapabilitiesBC OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { extensionsCapabilities 3 }
extensionsCapabilitiesBC02 OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { extensionsCapabilitiesBC 2 }
extensionsCapabilitiesBC02A OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { extensionsCapabilitiesBC02 2 }