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Nortel-Magellan-Passport-PorsAtmTrunksMIB.mib object view, vendor Northern-Telecom-Ltd


Most network devices and programs ship with so-called MIB files to describe the parameters and meanings (i.e.: friendly names) which are available for monitoring via SNMP.
ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 can import vendor-specific MIB files, so it can be used to monitor specific OID's (Object Identifiers). This way, you can monitor your devices, computers, etc. by selecting your relevant OID's by name.

ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 can import MIB file Nortel-Magellan-Passport-PorsAtmTrunksMIB and use it to monitor vendor specific OID's.

Nortel-Magellan-Passport-PorsAtmTrunksMIB file content

Object view of Nortel-Magellan-Passport-PorsAtmTrunksMIB:

Scalar Object
trkPaAtmRowStatusEntry .
A single entry in the table represents a single trkPaAtm component.
trkPaAtmProvEntry .
An entry in the trkPaAtmProvTable.
Tabular Object
trkPaAtmIndex .
This variable represents the index for the trkPaAtm tables.
trkPaAtmRowStatus .
This variable is used as the basis for SNMP naming of trkPaAtm components. These components can be added and deleted.
trkPaAtmComponentName .
This variable provides the component's string name for use with the ASCII Console Interface
trkPaAtmStorageType .
This variable represents the storage type value for the trkPaAtm tables.
trkPaAtmAtmConnection .
This attribute specifies the component name of the ATM Virtual Circuit that the AtmAccess component will use. The format of the component name is AtmIf/n Vcc/x.y Nep
trkPaAtmMode .
This attribute specifies the operating mode of the PathAdmin. When set to multiplexing the PathAdmin to multiplex voice calls to the given atmConnection using single cell per voice packet transport. All other calls will be multiplexed using AAL5 over the Trunk's VCC. When set to mapping the PathAdmin will allocate a VCC per LCh/n. In mapping mode the atmConnection should not be set. The VCC chosen for a given connection can be seen in the LCh localConnection attribute.
trkPaAtmRowStatusTable .
This entry controls the addition and deletion of trkPaAtm components.
trkPaAtmProvTable .
This group of attributes provides the parameters used by the AtmAccess component for specifying access to an ATM interface.
Object Identifier
porsAtmTrunksMIB .
trkPaAtm .
porsAtmTrunksGroup .
porsAtmTrunksGroupBE .
porsAtmTrunksGroupBE01 .
porsAtmTrunksGroupBE01A .
porsAtmTrunksCapabilities .
porsAtmTrunksCapabilitiesBE .
porsAtmTrunksCapabilitiesBE01 .
porsAtmTrunksCapabilitiesBE01A .